Monday, January 6, 2014

Update on us.

Its 5:48 and I can't sleep. People still like me for some cray cray (a phrase Jules taught me from his first week of kindergarten) reason so I figure you dedicated folks deserve that much. 

This is my sassy 6 year old (!!!!!!) kindergarten (!!!!!!) student who lost his first tooth in October (I'm just going to faint here). He's sweet and charming. He's on the honor roll. I don't even know what that means for kindergarten. In his free time he likes to talk about butts. He tells jokes, converses, the works. He's a person. It's insane. 

This is my super sassy Blair who will turn 4 in June & loves pushing those gender boundaries. He loves pink. His 3rd birthday was Dora themed and he went as the pink power ranger for halloween. He lost his shit at Christmas when he got Wonder Woman. I don't know if it's a stage or some signs but mama don't care. He's delightful. He's also trying to talk. Oral and veral apraxia are his official diagnosis. Just recently he started putting together a few simple phrases.  My favorite?  "Mom mom, hold me."  We still got a long way to go though, baby. And a $700 bill most recently for our portion of therapy. Ouch. 

This dude is Reid. He is likely the most rotten child on earth. His temper tantrum started early. And OMG LOOK AT HIS HAIR AND EYES. One of these things are not like the other every time my kids sit together. He will be 2 in May. TWO. How did this happen?

Me?  I love cat apparal. Meow!  I still theraperize children. I really like my job. Minus having to work. That part sucks sometimes. And wearing pants. That can be a bitch. 

I did the March of Dimes walk in the fall. Team For Joel was the 3rd highest fundraiser in the walk. Only beaten by two medical companies. We raised around $1300. :). Favorite 2013 moment. Also gave me an excuse to hang out with my DB BFF Liz!

Dead baby craftin', y'all!

Overall life is good. Busy as always, but good. I'm going to back to this. I promise.  So I can show you pictures like this that Jules drew of my mom:

Or at least, if I'm ever murdered, leave a trail of clues for who may have murdered me...


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