Monday, October 17, 2011

How babies are made and other life altering discoveries.

Apparently I’m a breeder.
I’d love to argue that, but jeesh, I kinda am. I love how I say “kinda” because that makes it right. The truth is that I am. I’m a breeder. I’m trying to accept this fact. I really am.
Thankfully, I’m surrounded by total strangers who are more than happy to tell me I’m a breeder.

“…so you wanted your kids this close together?”
Yes, strange lady in the doctors office, I did. Already had small kids, why not add another now instead of later?
“Hmph! Whatever you think, Ms. Jessica!”
I’m so glad this person could totally read my deep, inner thoughts asking for her opinion that I didn’t even know I’d had.
“Was this planned?”

Planned as in I went off birth control or planned as in we had pie charts & graphs? You need to be specific.
“You know how babies are made don’t you? Hehehe”
No. Please tell me.
That sure shut up the hehehe.

“You know, they are saying on TV that if you take Zoloft you should sue because your baby will have birth defects.”
Blair doesn’t have a tail. But that’s for your medical/legal opinion, lady working the front desk answering phone calls.

I'm happy it's happening all early this time around. That just makes it more fun. And by fun, I mean more interesting stories for blogs.


  1. I found out early with almost all of my pregnancies. In some ways it is good but dang the wait seems forever when you find out so early. I am so excited that the positives keep showing up. Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant :).
    Lots of good wishes flowing your way. Send some of your water my way because we are trying like crazy ;). I know it won't make me forget but I do think it will help me to heal a little.

  2. Wow. So much rudeness in one place.

  3. those receptionists say the damndest things...

  4. Finally back to stalking your blog (instead of just stalking you on FB)! Yay! Don't you love stupid people who don't think before they open their mouths (even worse if they do think and still say shit like that, I suppose). I'm also pregnant and that has been our most commonly asked question other than due date and genitals ("was this planned?"). I had to love my Mom who told me I was getting the Spring baby she always wanted. I said to her, "Um, Mom.... You do know how this works, right? I mean, you could have planned yourself a Spring baby..." Ha.



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