Friday, October 14, 2011

Do over.

Current doctors office feels that this baybee in my belly is viable.

No bleeding or anything makes me feel better about that as well. And, for shits & giggles, all the test I've taken since have been positive.

The ultrasound on the 1st will give us the final answer, but until then I got my knocked up chick goodie bag.


...and coupons as if I were a smoker.

I dunno.

And I've got a couple awesome boys.


This shit better work out.


  1. Yes, this shit BETTER work out! How freaking annoying is the back and forth?! We aren't trying yet but I can't even imagine the frustration of finally getting a positive hpt and then following it up with a negative. Massive hugs.

  2. I hope that shit really works out!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog. The irony of the cigarette coupons just cracked me up. Sending you lots of luck with the new little one.



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