Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Give me topics.

Stillbirth. Stillborn.

Say those words, or just one of them, several times. In your head if you wish, it's an odd thing to start chanting.

As I look through things, trying to look at stillborn topics, it's dawned on me that it's the most insane word. Who came up with it?

Anyway. That really isn't the point of this post, just my random thought of the night. Well, it can be, it's up to you peeps.

I've hit a writing wall, a blah if you will. But I'd like to write something. Something uplifting, or something depressing. Your choice.

So this is the submission post. Leave a comment with what you'd like to read about. My husband, my marriage, my family, my kids, my dead baby, baby deaths or things surrounding them, my political views, my cats, my crazy ass neighborhood, or anything you can think of is possible. Maybe you want just want to know my opinion on something, I'm mouthy so I'll give it. Shit, tell me something you'd like to see me try to cook & I'll give it a shot. I really have no shame, it's sad really.

I've noticed a few more readers following lately (AWESOME!), so I'd like to please them.

So, you, reader...what would you like to read about?

Give me your ideas. If they require a short post, it's fine. If it ends up being a long best, even better. I'll do a few if I get a few. I may combine them. Just whatever works. Leave your name, I'll give you a shout out! I'll pretend that's a cool thing to get.

Don't leave me hanging, peeps! You got questions & request, I've got nothing but time.

Comment now.


  1. I'm pretty good with all you write so I don't have any particulars. I just personally enjoy that some one is as sarcastic as myself for a change. I hate being a debbie downer but hell that is just who I am. Having a dead baby has done nothing if anything to worsen the downerness. I l like to make up words? Got any doozies?

  2. I'd like to read about your life prior to being married & having children, such as where all you have worked. I'm a SAHM and think it's interesting to find out what other SAHMs used to do before they had children.

  3. I want to know what is going on with your family now. Is everything back to being good or is it still weird and how did it all start and all of that. And what is the deal with your in laws? I'm nosy. And I hope you feel less worried soon.

  4. What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

    Tell us a list of your favorites, color, smell, activity, food..

    Tell us a list of your dislikes.

  5. I'd love to get some tips on becoming a Crazy Cat Lady, and since I believe you said that you have 318476513543 cats in your home I'm hoping you can help me out.

  6. I wanna know about your crazy ass neighbor! Just started reading ur blog and love it:)

  7. I, for one, would welcome stories about your cats, because I love kitties. (I'd better, we have 14!) Oh, and include pictures! Umm, do you like nail polish? What is your favorite dessert?

  8. Hey, I'm suuuuper new, in fact this is only the second post I've read. Since it's been two months since our son died, my husband and I are hoping to completely sleep through the holidays this year. No tree, no lights, no presents, no nothin. Although we will be decorating Aiden's grave site with a tree. And my husband had the sweet idea to write out wishes/dreams/hopes and wrap each one for Aiden. I want to know how you and your husband survived your first holiday season after your baby died.

  9. Yay, I get to contribute. I just realized I hadn't read your blog in a while, although your Facebook comments make my day. I second the post about the before you were a SAHM. I love when other bloggers post a whole section on their "how I got together with my man" story. It's cute to hear how people remember falling in love and starting their lives together. Plus, then you get to bash all the stupid things your mate used to do.

  10. I just love your blog; I believe I sent a lot of the super new readers your way by sharing your blog on FB! <3 Hope that's ok. : ) My topic is: what kind of music do you like?

  11. Hmm... As a newly de-lurked stalker, I'd like to read more of the following: more about your crazy ass neighborhood, because I live downtown Baltimore and have crazy ass neighbors and would love to read more about the peeps in your hood (and wow do I live in the hood). Any updates on your crazy neighbor lady with the cammo tarp? What other kinds of neighbors do you have? What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like to read? Do you follow sports? Does Adam? Follow up to your fall in the 'mart story? You know, the one where you fell forward, defying the laws of physics (sarcasm)? Ok, that's enough from a nosy stalker...



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