Friday, August 6, 2010

The Question & Answer Segment.

I'm boring the past few days. I've racked my brain for something to share with you peeps, but I've come up with nothing. Perhaps I'm trying to hard.

So I'm going to put it on you now.

Let's consider this the question & answer period of the blog. You got questions? I'll give you answers. Sometimes snarky answers, but they are still answers.

Questions about my life? Sure!

Questions about dumb things my husband may do? Oh, you know it.

Parenting advice? Of course. I'm perfect, you know.

Questions about pets? I'll try to give you a cat.

Relationship advice? I'll google it or something.

Opinions on the Double Down from KFC? I'll go buy one & let you know. Nom nom nom.

Lottery numbers? If I get a cut.

I'm counting on you, folks. Give it to me.


  1. Ok, you know that awesome area rug we both have? When you vacuum it up and down, does your vacuum cleaner get hard to push? If I go side to side, the long way, it is fine.. if I try to go up and down, the short way, it is like my vacuum gets stuck.

    That is about as random as I get... (But I really do want an answer!)

  2. Where do all of your cats sleep at night..?

    Do you sleep on the right or left side of the bed, or do you claim the bed and make the husband sleep on the floor?

    What color is your mailbox?

    What type of socks do you wear?

    Have you ever figured out a rubix cube.

  3. Has your mom seen the new baby? Is your mom still as crazy as a bat in the belfry?

  4. Haha, what do you do when a three year old thinks it's hilarious to go around telling everybody that he goes pee in the shower?

    Single Dad Laughing

  5. Oh, and it's a true story. What's worse is that he now is going around telling everybody daddy pees in the shower. Haha. Kids.

    Single Dad Laughing (

  6. Does your egg donor (mother) read your blog?



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