Sunday, August 15, 2010

People who find my blog scare me a little.

I've done it before, I'll do it again. And again & long as I have people visiting the blog here. The following are some of the search terms that led people to my words. Enjoy. Or be scared.

how to steal neighbors pregnant pig
What, do you want to raise your own bacon?

why are there dead pets in my couch
*blink blink*

...please don't get anymore pets. And get a new couch.

best spam comments

yaycowsyay blog
That's me! Well, my blog.

how hard is it to carry a sopha upstairs
Damn hard since there is no such thing as a sopha. Good luck with that.

photos steal your soul
I think that's only if you're amish.

can a judge order me to give my husband copies of our babies ultrasound
He's your husband, why can't you share? If you're getting a divorce, don't you think he deserves to see a picture of what he'll be paying for over the next 18 years?

best wedding i went
You were at Shannon's wedding, too?!

things that can steel your sole
If your soul is steel, you have bigger problems.

ask how long to wait before redoing jelly
What did you do with the jelly the first time...or do we even want to know?

best revenge against woman who steals your husband
She's got your husband...why make her suffer anymore than she is? Pack his shit in a shoe box & throw it out onto the curb. Then set it on fire.

This allows me to rant though...why does everyone want to bitch & moan about the woman their husbands cheated with? Why can people sue for "alienation of affection?" Here is a newsflash...she didn't do anything to make your husband be a douche. He always was one. Yes, she sucks, but why get revenge on her? Why sue her for being a home wrecker? The home wrecker is your loser ass husband who can't keep it in his pants & who wrecked his own home. Pity her for being side pussy & now having the honor of calling him hers until he finds someone else to cheat with. And like I said, set his shit on fire.

why are there dead pets in my couch
Someone searched for this TWICE. I'm guessing someone got the couch off craigslist from the first searcher.


moms teaching young sons to fuck

That was worth yelling over. Go away, weirdo.

That's me again!

essay on lost baby kangaroo
These are the essay topics for the children today?

Poruchio means
I'm opening this one out for the peeps who read this...comments?

when things fail to work
Everyday of my life.

yay cows yay jessica culver blog
ME AGAIN! I guess this is why you aren't suppose to give your name out online.

is my insurance company allowed to contact me on facebook?
Only if they need help with their crops on Farmville.

neighbor camo tarp fence
I hope this is someone who has heard the story somehow & not someone else with a jackass of a neighbor.

ex girlfriend puts bottle in virgina facebook

Bet you're sad she's your ex now, huh?

Also, I updated the answers in this post. And don't forget the cute of kids over at Epic Awesome. New post over there tomorrow. I've already dropped the f bomb though. Oops.

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  1. That's so funny. I just had to search you today because my laptop died. I only did a lowly "yay cows yay blog" and you popped right up. I LOL at the Farmville.



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