Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comment of the week.

This is the comment of the week, peeps. OK, I normally don't have a comment of the week but this was just too good to pass up. Enjoy.

umassslytherin has left a new comment on your post "Ah, life.":

of course he wants to wear pink diapers. you named him blair for christ sake. not only is it a girl's name, but you didn't even spell it right.

god help us all if people like you are creating offspring. it's downright scary.

Short response is easy.


But we all know I'm wordy, so they won't do. This is sad for many reasons. First of all, this person doesn't even know where the shift key on their keyboard is. They also can't read, because I said Jules liked the Dora diapers, not Blair. I mean holy shit, Blair is 7 weeks old, of course he can't voice an opinion. Try to stay with us here, you fucking idiot. His diapers are white, btw. But they did read alot because I'm pretty sure the post they replied to didn't mention the Dora diapers. Plus, the phrase "god help us if people like you are creating offspring" is just fucking stupid. IF people like me are creating offspring. I AM creating offspring. Jeesh. I also don't believe in god, maybe that's what's wrong with me though. Hey, should you really ask god to help you in the same comment where you use "for christ sake?" I thought that was a no-no or something, but I could be wrong.

Oh yeah, & the origins of his name is as follows: The name Blair is a baby boy name. The name Blair comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Blair is: From the fields. I found that on many sites. And adding an "e" to the end is actually considered a "creative" spelling from the original. Google, it is your friend. Along with the shift key. I decided to add this in even though it's lame to make fun of a kids name, it really lacks creativity.

I decided to do a search online to see if I could figure out who this weird blog troll could be. I found this: "UMassSlytherin is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom." So I'm going to pretend some fanfiction reader is angry. That makes me laugh to think of someone leaving weird, angry comments in between fan ficton stories. Maybe it's Twilight fan fiction.

So...let's discuss, peeps. BTW, I totally feel flattered I've had my first blog troll. This is better than the fake vagina comment! This means I'm famous, right? OK, I know it doesn't. The person who posted that comment came form google looking up mom blogs with the word "fail," so I'm guessing besides the name thing it was a copy & paste troll comment. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

I'm going to go take my IUD out & make some more offspring now. OK, not really, I'm off to watch Teen Mom.


  1. LOL I love what some people have to say about what other people name their kids! Your boys are super cute!

  2. I think she has some pent up anger toward unisex names. I'd bet that her name is Chris, or Jamie, or maybe her parents are crazy enough that they named her Richard (yeah that's right, it'd totally make her a dick) :)

  3. Ha! I think we have similar "commenters"....some folks are immersed in their stupity and arrogance.

  4. FYI--Slytherin is the name of one of the "houses" or dormitories where the kids live in the Harry Potter books. So your "fan" appears to have some connection to the University of Massachusetts and is a big fan of Harry Potter. But Slytherin is the house of the dark wizards, not the house of the brave wizards, like Harry Potter, which is Gryffendor. Just in case you didn't know these things, I thought I would illuminate you a little more on the "identity" of your "fan". BTW--Griffin would be a cool name for any future offspring you might create, girl or boy. The owner of this name could then have a brave connotation to his/her name.

  5. Haha, and so what if a boy wants to wear pink diapers. It's not gonna hurt anybody, but yeah, I get it. This poster is an idiot, with nothing better to do than peruse other people's websites trying to get attention for himself (herself? I have a hard time believing a woman could be that silly about something like that).

    Blair is a great name. Much better than Thor, the name of a child I met the other day. Maybe this poster was one of his parents.



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