Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be a nice person.

Looking for a good cause to donate a couple bucks to? Look no further.

This is Jess approved, so you know it's worthwhile. I don't post things that suck.

I have mentioned the family before, but here you go again.

A friend of mine on the west coast has a son is named Timmy Hatch. Her family is all good people, so he's good people, too. He has a wife & an adorable little boy who is close in age to my Jules. But, because bad things really do happen to good people, back in late May of 2009 (right before we lost Joel), Timmy suffered from an injury that left him in a coma. With his familys support, faith, & love he has recovered much more than doctors said he would in the early stages. Of course, he still can't do many basic things like speaking or walking.

His family is raising money this week so that he can hopefully go through some new treatments to help bring him back. The doctor & treatments they are raising funds for has, I believe, an 85% success rate, which is amazing compares to other rates. So please, even if it's only $1-5, donate! I cannot imagine having my spouse in this situation, I can't imagine Jules not having his daddy around as much as he does. I don't know his wife, Crystal, but she's amazing to me.

If you'd like to read more about Timmy, you can click here for his blog.

And you can donate by clicking here.

You can also spread the word anyway you can, I'm sure his family would appreciate anything you could do for Timmy.


  1. Stalker donation complete...

  2. Thank you! I know it means alot to his family!



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