Monday, August 2, 2010

Ah, life.

Over the past couple of days, I've come to a conclusion.

Blair isn't going to die.

This seems odd, but it marks the first time since May 26th 2009 that I wasn't concerned that a baby was going to die. Even once Blair was born, I decide he could die at any moment. That was a new fear for me, I'd never worried about the before. But now it's like the good ol' days where babies don't die. My baby did die...but not all die. And this one didn't.

If you think that's the most obvious thing in the world, you never went urn shopping for your infant. That's a good thing.

In other news, I like to pretend I'm a photographer.


I would really like this picture, if I hadn't amputated his right hand.

I think think he's cute.


And even though cutting off his right hand was bad, Adam did worse by cutting off the top of my head.


Of course I'm too busy staring at the mole on my nose to really care about much of anything else. I'm going to have that done soon after spending the weekend staring at it. I imagine it having a face & singing to me. I'm weird like that.

Jules is living, too.


Don't you love his swim diaper? He's a nudist like his mother. I have no shame, I don't care if the neighbors see my junk, Jules doesn't either. That's why he leaves his penis out in full view most of the time. While, uh, inspecting it tonight he proudly announced, "IT'S A BIG ONE!" I'm raising such a man.

Blair & I interwebz together.


I don't understand how babies sleep. Seriously, they look like they've been in a car accident.


He slept for like 3 hours like that! My neck & back ached looking at him.

Speaking of an ache, he had some heartache from the look of it.


Even upset, I find him adorable. I'm not sure what that says about me as a mother, but if it makes you feel better I got him out & nursed him after this spectacle.

If that makes you feel like I'm a better mom than I give myself credit for, we took him with us tequila & beer shopping. We had a cookout, it wasn't for his bottles or anything. He's got to be at least 4 to start drinking beer, 5 to do shots. We do set boundaries, you know.

My days are boring for the most part. Personally, I think boring is good. Compared to life when things are "exciting" I'll take boring anyday. Soon enough our lives won't just be filled with hanging out, doing things as we wish, while listening to carious Buzz Lightyears in the background (when you have about 15 of them, one seems to always be talking, even when Jules is asleep, it's creepy really). The husband will go back to teaching kiddies in a couple weeks. We'll both go back to the wonderful world of education for ourselves as well. I'm a fucking idiot & have decided yet ANOTHER career path for I'm going to work towards an education degree now. Elementary school. Yes, think about me influencing your young children. Now imagine an evil laugh coming from me. The kiddies, their lives won't really change much.

Jules will continue to collect his Buzz's, hopefully no regressing much more.


Blair will continue to plot world domination.


Happy World Breastfeeding Week.


If you aren't a fan of nursing pictures, as I said earlier, I have no shame so be happy I'm not posting one where he's just cuddling my boob. I have a great one like that from the hospital that I sent Adam in a text message. Before you have kids you send pictures of your boobs & it's sexy. When you have kids, it turns into a totally different, boring thing. For years the husband asked me to show him my boobs. Seriously. This is from like 2003, way before we were dating.


Ask & you shall receive...even if that means you have to ask almost everyday for 5 years.

Oh, for the record, he didn't see them until our 3rd date. I have standards.


  1. If it makes you feel better, I took that picture where his arm is cut off. I amputate.

  2. of course he wants to wear pink diapers. you named him blair for christ sake. not only is it a girl's name, but you didn't even spell it right.

    god help us all if people like you are creating offspring. it's downright scary.



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