Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He gets it from me.

Hey, remember how my son is corny?

Well, I'm peppery.


I was pregnant with Blair when I bought those peppers. Jules found them in the fridge today.


Speaking of the fridge, I found this when I opened it tonight.


Hot dog bun. I guess Jules figures it'll keep if it's in there.

BTW, I left it in there because his freakish memory will cause a huge meltdown tomorrow when he gets up & sees that his bun is gone. He will lay in the floor, crying, "I want my buuuuunnnnnnnnnn!" & no other bun will ever do. And 3 months from now, he'll remind us of that bun he lost & I'll buy him another toy because I'll feel bad about a stupid 1/2 eaten bun. So I'm saving myself lots of mommy guilt.

The home changes are still happening & we're laying more flooring. It's always fun to play "what's under this carpet?!" before you rip it up.


That's what was under the carpet in the "office." I actually liked it, even though Adam compared it to some dungeons & dragons pattern.

This is the after. And by after, I mean "where I left off last night."


My main reason for laying it last night was because of our fancy elliptical machine being delivered today. Here it is, also not completed.


I was working until almost 1:30 in the morning doing that little area. I was just going to do where it would sit, not the areas all around it. Well, Adam comes back & announces "Here, let me move stuff for you." So I was tricked into doing more of it that I'd planned. At 2am, my box my empty & I decided to stop instead of opening another.

Hey, speaking of Adam, I'll have to share our condom saga soon. Don't ask, just wait.

But wait no more for what you've all been waiting for...CAMO TARP!


Baby's first camo tarp picture. Isn't it sweet? Our tarp made it onto Why Do I Live Here? recently as well.

I'm going to go watch Adam finish building my elliptical machine now. And by watching, I mean questioning every thing he does & whining about why he isn't done yet & why he's make it all so complicated. Because I'm supportive like that.

Oh, wait. I took one more picture to share. Thanks to my freakish memory (he also gets that from me) I remember my friend Tara calling all of our cats "an ass load of fucking cats." That phrase always amused me. In honor of Tara & her family moving into a new house & her birthday, I share this.

Behold, an ass load of fucking cats!


Well, they aren't fucking. They are eating.

Yes, I'm the crazy cat lady. Imagine me when I'm 80.


  1. Geezus! That is a lot of cats! I'm jealous of your elliptical machine.

  2. Geeze Louise, I stand by my comment, that is an ass load of fucking cats! I have also decided that in the future when one of your felines gets knocked up again..I will pay you to send one to me! I want a freaking cat and not just any cat, I want one of yours. Take that as you wish, but I want your pussy? Hmm...

    And I dig the dungeon and dragon flooring :)

  3. I will take all the black ones...please.... ok.....thankz!!!!! I am on a mad search for a new coolest cat in the world... I lost my Krishna kitty last year and he was by far the spiffiest kitty known to mankind...My first attempt at a new kitty resulted in me stealing a kitten from underneath this mobile home behind Wendy's in downtown Ashland... needless to say, I don't think she was worth it... she mostly just sits on the back of our toilet all day... Bein a Kitteh.... youz doin it wrong...

  4. OMG, Seriously rolling here! Those peppers! That is totally something I would do. Hah!
    And yeah,that's a lot of fucking cats! :)



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