Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Best spam comment ever.

On my last blog entry, there was this comment.

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性感帯オナニー グッズペペローション遠隔バイブおとなのおもちゃドライオーガズムローション 通販バイブ おもちゃ大型ホール

That is a link. The link is as follows...

That link? Oh my. Thank you, google translate, for helping me here.

For only 5.999 yen, you can have something described as "Non-dimensional structures is the best! Popular AV actress "Maria Ozawa" thorough reproduction of comfort 挿Re! Maria Ozawa 3DCG motif in creating a three-sided figure, Fine Instruments created the ultimate lifelike vagina! Slot a lot of thick, surprise inside line so realistic, developed G Spot! also add structure and groove construction process Poruchio countless folds, made of Fine Instruments is a miracle. Ascension will let you have always adhered to five."

Even in English, I'm not sure what some of that means. But added g-spot? Men who can't find the thing on a real woman are going to find it on a sex toy? Yeah, sure.

Thankfully, they show pictures as well. Like this.

*blink blink*

You don't need google translate for that.

But I know I can also buy "Lotions specifically developed specifically Artificial vagina. Special formula is less dry, essential Artificial vagina! ! !"

If you're going to buy a fake vagina, you might as well pop for the special fake vagina lotion, don't you think?

I've hit the big time in the world of blogging. Not just spamming, but sex spamming.

What should I write on the celebration cake for this moment you think?


  1. hahahahahahah best thing i've seen in a long time, thanks! i love it!!! xxx anne

  2. lol That's hilarious! I always wondered what those spam things went to...

  3. That just made my day!

  4. At least they will reduce pre-marital sex with this. On the other hand, Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin is joining the, Single Source Speakers, being a motivational speaker on teenage abstinence. Sarah had a child as a teenager and hopes to inspire numerous young adults to stay away from intercourse all together. Nevertheless, being a young single mom does have numerous expenditures, even if you're the daughter of Sarah Palin; and because of these she costs anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 just to have her as a speaker. With that price tag I can't help but question if she's really doing this to encourage youth or if she's carrying this out for the money. Certain that is not lots of money in reality, but she's an important life message she would like to offer to youth.



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