Monday, December 28, 2009

Piccadilly's sex organs.

I previously mentioned that we were going to a 3D ultrasound place in January. But plans changed, we decided to go to a different place & they could actually get us in sooner.

Sooner as


Piccadilly has a penis. As usual, I have a penis in my belly. How many people can say "as usual" to that phrase?

My husband, he's incapable of creating girls.

I want to name him Blair. Adam isn't totally sold, but for some reason I'm really into the idea. I think he likes the idea of Blair Benjamin, just because then his initials will be BBC & he seems to like that idea. Weirdo.

More to come soon. Just wanted to share my son.


  1. Congratulations, his picture is so precious!

  2. Jess, a boy!! How exciting. *hugs*

  3. He's perfect! I have a good friend who has four handsome boys, the last two who came about b/c she wanted to 'try' for a girl. :)
    So glad all is growing well within!

  4. Yay for the penis! Congratulations! I love the name Blair Benjamin. :)
    We went to a 3d u/s place on 12/23. Our pics didn't come out half as good as yours, though. We are having a..... GIRL! We were so surprised. I swore I had a penis in my belly, too. We are ecstatic.

  5. Thanks everyone. :)

    And BREE! I saw that you mentioned that you might know the sex, but you didn't say either way. I was trying to be patient & not be too nosey to demand answers from you. lol Yay for a girl! I was convinced I DIDN'T have a penis in my belly this time, but I didn't think I ever had a penis in my belly looking back on it. I'm bad at guessing. Congrats on the new little girl!

  6. Blair Benjamin sounds perfect to me! (Wonder why?) At least now you are going to be able to use a lot of the stuff from Jules. Let's hope baby #3 is a girl--that is, if you are going to try for another :)

  7. I love the name! Congrats on the boy! Bree - you naughty girl holding out on us like that. :-)

  8. What a cute little boy!!



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