Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've decided what I want for Christmas.

It's something I might be able to actually get back.

My cat, Macy.


Macy is a sad story. She showed up, near starvation, in June 2008, as we were on our way out to get Jules pictures taken. I'd seen her around, but she was always too scared to come around me. Well, being starved changed things. After that, she was a frequent visitor to our house. After several days, I was able to pet her & realized she had signs of nursing kittens. We then discovered that she had a "owner" who just didn't feed her. When we asked them about her, they argued that she was near death because she'd just had 6 kittens. Yeah, sure. Over time Macy became more friendly & a more frequent visitor. Then, one day, I realized she was bloating up some. No, she wasn't gaining weight finally, she had more kittens in her belly. Last September, Macy had 5 kittens, most of which we still own because we were too paranoid to give them away.

No worries, we had her fixed & all the kittens fixed as well. And Macy has been ours since. We also got Macy use to people, friendly, & killed all her fleas. She adopted us because, well, wouldn't you if you were in her shoes?

Until Saturday the 12th, that is. That was the last day we saw her. She's been missing since.

While she's wondered around before, she's never been gone this long. We gave it until today before we actually got worried. So now I'm worried.

So since I've placed ads everywhere, checked the pound (saddest experience of my life) & we're posting flyers tomorrow, I figured what the hell & decided to post here as well, since I know a few people from Huntington read this from time to time. We're offering a reward for info to help us find her. And honestly, I'm just not emotionally able to loose anything else in 2009. So, if you're from Huntington, WV or anywhere near, please feel free to pass along Macy's info. I want my kitty home.

You can leave me contact info here or through facebook (which you can get to from my facebook badge on the left side of the page here) & I'll provide you with real contact info for me or contact you myself if you choose to give me your number or email address.

And to prove how much I want my kitty home, I've actually wrote an entire entry about a cat & didn't make one single pussy joke. That shows how serious I am people.


  1. Jess, I am so sorry...sending prayers your way that Macy comes home.

  2. I don't know if you'd have any interest in this, but there is a Pet Alert Service called "Find Toto" that is akin to an Amber Alert for a child. There was a story in our local paper that mentioned it.

    Hope Macy comes home for Christmas.



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