Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear 2009, you can suck it.

Hello all. I've been missing it feels like. I meant to blog a couple nights ago, but when I sat down to do it, I found that photobucket had uploaded my pictures wrong somehow, so they were all just error messages. Lovely. I uploaded them again, but haven't had the time or energy (or wit really) to sit down & write. Of course, checking them again I just saw that they still aren't right & even though my account is still within limits, I'm unable to upload anything new. So I had to sign up for another account, yay. Third time is the charm, right?

So, here I am tonight to update you on the year that would not end for me.

Now, obviously, 2009 is forever going to be the year that sucked. And if you don't know why, you need to go back & read this blog. Dead baby, shitty family...wasn't that enough?

Well, obviously not.

Macy has never returned, offers of rewards did not bring a single tip. I'm sad. But hey, it's just one of many things to be sad over I suppose.

A few days ago I pulled out my old laptop to pull up a cheesecake recipe for Christmas dessert. Being a klutz, I dropped it a whole 4 inches. No, I didn't hurt my laptop. But it landed on my 3 month old netbook.

My netbook now has a cracked display screen. Again, lovely.

The screen is about $120, several things online say it's easy enough to do yourself, so I'm hoping to get one online & have Adam install it. Of course it's funny that it's hurt so easily when I've put my laptop through hell & it's still hanging on just fine.

Last night, after coming home from my parents house (CRAZY), Adam announced he'd found oil in our bathroom downstairs, where our washer/dryer is. He then realized the washer was pouring out oil. What's worse than your washer going out on Christmas Eve?

Well, looking up the part of course.

The part is $400, half of what the unit cost in the first place. Yet again, lovely.

So after we add in the labor to the $400 part, we're going to run kinda close to the entire cost of their washer/dryer (it's a stacked unit, in case you're wondering why I keep talking about them like they are the same thing). Plus, it will take a few weeks to get the part & have it actually repaired. And at that point, I will have wished I spent the extra $100-200 on the new washer just so I could have it sooner rather than later.

You cannot have a toddler & pets without a washer. Not possible.

Well, it is, but you just have to live in a complete mess, surrounded by dirty laundry.

Of course, I love that my cheap ass washer/dryer has a part that cost $400. In that case, the $600 we spent on it was mainly for that part. I guess the dryer works on magic since only the washer parts are expensive.

So after that news, & dealing with my mother last night, I have officially declared 2009 the worse year ever. If it can be beat, I will throw myself off a bridge because I can't deal with it.

So now, on Christmas, I've ordered a new washer/dryer, which SHOULD be here Monday. By then, every towel in the house will be dirty, as will most clothes we wear around the house, so I'll get to break it in hardcore. Lots of fun.

Speaking of lots of fun, we have a new member of the family.


Murphy. She's a dog. From the pound.

We went to he pound to look for Macy one more time before the holidays. We discovered Murphy. She looked sad & pathetic, plus she was adorable. We wanted to get another dog, mainly for our existing dog to have a friend (sounds lame, I know, but he was lonely). But we had some rules.

First, I wanted a female. No real reason, just because.

Next, it had to be a young dog. While I'd rather give an older dog a home, we couldn't chance taking a dog home that our dog would hate, our cats would be eat by, & our son would be scared of. So we figured a puppy could be molded into whatever we wanted.

Finally, it had to be a smaller sized dog. For space & our sanity.

So we find this dog, I'm in love with her big blue eyes. And she's sweet. We look at the info on her, they say she's a "beagle mix." We talk about how small she is. We're sold on her, we take her home.

About two hours after we get home, the magical pound blindess wears off. I look at Murphy & think "beagle mix my ass." Finally, I figure out what she looks like to me.

" our new dog a pitt?"

He thinks I'm first. Then we really start to look at her. And we google. And we get facebook opinions from friends. Someone suggested she was a boxer/pitt mix, which we think is funny. Until, again, we look that up. We find shot after shot of our puppy basically.

Great, our dog has a taste for blood & doesn't even know it yet.

I mean, chances are she's about 23434 different dogs. But about the only dog she isn't is a beagle.

Of course, once we get over that we let Buddy in to meet her. And we're hit with "wow, we're stupid" again. She's almost the size of our dog now. And she's only 3 months old. What the fuck?

We can't be that stupid, right? We are convinced that this dog has grown by the minute & doubled in size in an afternoon. It's the only logical explanation.

Other than, you know, the fact that we're fucking stupid.

Making matters worse was tonight, when my dad came over for dinner. He was without my mom, as she was mad at me. She put me on the spot last night to try to get me to talk to my grandmother who is in a complete daze & a little nuts, not to mention violent, verbally & physically. I didn't want to & I didn't appreciate her just telling me I had to. Then we really ruined her night because we refused to let Jules stay all night with her...silly us, we wanted our son home on Christmas morning. So, because of those reasons, she stopped talking to me on Christmas Eve, avoided me in her house, & then refused to come to my house today. Oh well.

Back to the point. Tonight, my dad walks in & sees Murphy on the couch. What does he say in the first 5 seconds?

"That's a pitt bull, isn't it?"

Oh well, I love her, taste for blood or not. She's sweet, cute, & seems smart enough. And she gets along with everyone in the house, including the other critters. Her & Buddy Dog are in love, they play every evening & then sleep together at night. He's less jumpy in the house since he has her to run around with, which is nice. She's getting the hang of house training, sadly we aren't. She'll go when taken out, but she's not got that "let the people know I need out" thing down yet. So we're trying to learn when we need to take her out. Today was the first day she was very calm, so that was nice. I think she's going to blend in just fine. And though we're missing things, I think Murphy fills some type of void that was missing around the house.

And no matter what, the kid loves her.


That was the first time he saw Murphy. So yeah, he's hooked. As we all are.

And even though everything is a huge pain in my ass when it comes to this holiday season, someone enjoyed it.


And hey, that's enough for me. Well, enough for me to not jump off a bridge at this time at least. Always next year though.

But no matter what, I've got my new neato leopard print Snuggie. Oh yeah, be jealous.

And on January 9th, for those of you not stalking me on facebook, we find out what Piccadilly is. Hope for a baby what is proud of it's sex organs, please.

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  1. Jess, I am sorry that your kitty didn't turn up, but I am glad to hear that your new pup is settling in nicely. I'll be looking forward to hearing if picadilly is a boy or girl. :)



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