Monday, November 2, 2009

I have a I need a doctor.

Good news: There is a healthy looking wiggle fetus in my uterus.

OK news: Measurements aren't really working out, so they changed my due date to June 25th, that's 8 days different. Those 8 days make me paranoid, but I try to make myself feel better. Maybe my period was on the 11th, not the 10th (I really wasn't sure) & my cycle is more like 30 days, unlike the 28 days due dates are figured from. The ultrasound tech didn't seem worried though, when I told her the 30 day cycle thing she said that made sense, talked about what my scans at 18 weeks & so on would be like. I figure if she thought something was up, she wouldn't have talked about my entire pregnancy.

The bad: I have no doctor.

I got broke up with. He was nice about it, it wasn't me, it was him. I'll go on & find better & do better.

The doctor said he & the others had looked at my case & they want to refer me to the local high risk pregnancy office. They feel as though I'm too high risk for them to handle, they don't want to make any of the decisions about my pregnancy, they want the specialist to. They don't feel as though they have enough proof about what happened last pregnancy & because the loss was so recent, they say I'm too high risk for their practice. Which is fine, I prefer to be told this before my baby dies.

Problem with that? The specialist who runs the high risk clinic is the same doctor we saw when I was pregnant with Joel, the same doctor who misdiagnosed him. They want him to make those decisions on my pregnancy. Because, you know, that worked out so well last time.

I would buy an illegal ultrasound machine, a book on ultrasounds & anatomy & go it alone before I went back to him.

So the other option is that I get referred to the other high risk clinic, the one about 45 minutes away where I went for my pre-conception consult in August. Seems simple enough, right?


You see, they think while I'm high risk, I'm not so high risk that I need to be seen in a high risk practice. While they are willing to check me out, since nothing has changed since August, they are just going to refer me to another OB/GYN office to manage my prenatal care & only if things come up with the baby will they take me back on as a patient. They basically think I'm at risk to have another baby with some sort of issues, but until those issues are found I'm not really high risk. Basically, I'm only at risk for having an unhealthy baby. If the baby is healthy, things are fine. There is nothing with me that makes me high risk to be seen by a high risk facility.

So basically I'm...moderate risk?

No, basically I'm without a doctor. Sure, I could go to the regular OB/GYN the specialist I'm going to meet with is going to refer me to, but that's 45 minutes plus every single visit for something that really I should be able to get 10 minutes from my house.

So now I'm kinda at a loss about what to do.

I decided when we left the doctors office that we'd just drive over to the OB/GYN we used with Jules. But, of course, they weren't just closed, they have moved. I had to laugh at that one. Thankfully they had a number posted on the door, so I called from the parking lot & asked for a consult appointment with the doctor I used with Jules. I go this Thursday for that. I, of course, have no idea if they will be willing to deal with me this pregnancy, but I guess I'll find out.

But hey, doctor or no doctor, I've got a fetus.


Say hi to Piccadilly.

I'll spare you the odd story of how the ultrasound tech made me insert the internal ultrasound wand myself. And how she seemed shocked that I'd never been asked to do that before.

OK, I guess I didn't spare you that story. But it was weird.


  1. Ultrasound wand eh? Something to look forward to in a year or so I guess.

  2. It's a dildo. Plain & simple. She told me I just did it like a tampon, but I really wanted a blurt out "you mean a dildo, right?" It even had little things that could be passed off as small testicles at the top of it & appeared to have a head on the end of it as well.

    When I commented that "well, can't say I've ever been asked to do this before" that's when she asked if I never had an early scan before. I told her once, but they just did it all. She was shocked & said, "You know your body better than I do." I was thinking, "Yeah, but I don't normally put wands in it."

  3. Jess, I have had many a transvaginal ultrasounds not just during pregnancy, but to monitor my cycle and I have never been asked to insert the wand myself. Very strange. As long as the baby is ok and you are comfortable. Hope all works out with your doc.



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