Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The West Virginia Pregnancy & Infant Loss Network

That's my organization.

It's got a name.

I googled it, I didn't find anything, so I think I'll claim it now.

It's got some people...like, you know, me. Adam, too, he just doesn't know it yet.

Honey, I named my organization.

So far I...have an email address. That would be wvinfantloss@gmail.com

Figure I'll share that with the news station tomorrow during the interview. I'll get to the in a minute.

I figure a website or something along those lines is next, just because. It'd be nice to get some sort of support group going, online at the very least.

In the next year, I'd like to have some sort of Huntington event on or around Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

It's a total one person (well, Adam counts as well) effort & really slow to move, but hey, someones gotta start somewhere, right?

Hell, it took me about 2 months to think up a name...& honestly it just came to me sitting here just now. How things work out.

...I may end up changing it if I wake up tomorrow & think it's dumb.

Anyway, back to that whole "news" thing I mentioned above.

Tomorrow, a newscaster from WSAZ is coming to my home & doing a story...a story on our loss, therefore a story on Joel, & interviewing me for it.

It should be online tomorrow at some point, if so I will link this blog to it...as well as my facebook & anywhere else I can.

I always wanted to be on the news, can't say I wanted a reason like this to finally get me on the news, but I'll make the most of it I can.

I've become an expert at making the most of things the past few months.


  1. Even after14 years, the heartache and tears well up and fall when you hear of someone else living through the doctor saying, "There is no heartbeat." I feel your pain and MINE after the news story.

  2. i am sorry about your loss my cousion loss her baby at 6 weeks old that was the most pain that a person go through is lossing your child i never loss a child before i went to the baby service that hurt to see a little one laying their and a nice baby died in a bad car crash the could not show him



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