Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OK, I gotta say it.

This has been bothering me for a while. I tried to think up a post to be able to include it in, but I can't. So I'm going to be lame & just dedicate an entire post to it.

As I've mentioned, I have this neato invisible tracker on my blog, telling me where I get hits from. It gives me keywords, a map, & ISP info. You can see the map at the left side of my page if you scroll down enough.

As I've mentioned before, I've been found by, uh, companies I discussed on my blog.

I'm getting almost constant hits from the company I talk about in the above link. Seriously, constant. From google, from bookmarks, from emailed links to others, from the news site I was on...actually, within like 5 minutes of be being on the news, I had several hits from that company.

So I'm just curious. Is someone or many people reading as...fans? Or to see if I'm talking mean about them anymore? Are people...pouting? I'm really curious & confused. But hey, that's my life.

Yeah, like I said, petty. I know it is. But I'm dying to know how I get so. many. hits.

So, friends, give me your guesses. Why do you think people from said company are checking so much? Extra points for giving a good, detailed story of what you imagine. What do they think? What do they say? Why do they just come back for more again & again?

I know I have lots of creative people out there (Liz, Neil, Adam, etc.), so I expect something amusing. Do it for me & do it for them.


  1. Well, as we all know, the people that actually WORK at a hospital don't generally have the time to sit and look at a blog, so these must be "corporate" hospital workers. You know, the folks that sign off on major lay-offs while they evidently sit in an office and read blogs. These are important people we are talking about here.
    So, my guess is that reading your blog must be some form of corporate masturbation. "ooooh, look how we shit on her. Gawd that feels goood..."

    But hey, maybe I'm wrong and maybe it's all the middle-management people that hate the people I was talking about and they read your blog as a way to fuel their disdain for their workplace power structure?

  2. I think they have the company name on google alert. You can have google alert you when something new comes up about a specific phrase. So seeing as how they are horrible, they put themselves on google alert, hoping one day someone might sing their praises, so when they see there's something new about them online, they get all excited and see what it is. Unfortunately for them, it's your blog, telling them how much they suck. Maybe they should stop sucking huh?

  3. Awww Liz stole my idea. Now I'll have to think of something else. Since you were on the news I have gotten 15 views on separate days from said hospital. I should start randomly dropping their name in my blogs to see if I get more traffic from them.

  4. Adams is amusing. Very amusing. Liz's, however, sounds very possible. I remember seeing that Jon Gossling had google alerts to get all the articles about what a douche he is. That's actually how he found out TLC was suing him, google alert.

    You heard it here first folks, google alerts are for douchebags.

    After seeing Neil's comment, I'm laughing. Someone really IS sitting around reading blogs. I mean...seriously? A major hospital & they are reading my BLOG? And Neils? There is NOTHING else more important going on at that hospital?

    We should all have Cabell Huntington Hospital day. A day we all decide on to blog about them. Just for a shout out if nothing else.

  5. Jess, If I posted a response on my blog I wasn't sure if you would see it so I am posting a response here. I had my level tested last month and it was 9. something. My Ob's office says we should be 12-13. Email me if you would like: Jdevoe1024@gmail.com.



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