Sunday, October 11, 2009

June 17th, 2010.

What is that date? I'll get to that.

Four weeks ago I went off birth control, knowing it could take months to get pregnant, if I even ever did.

Three weeks ago Adam was told he was still sterile.

Had to try to start thinking up nice ways to ask our friend, Neil, for his sperm.

Last week I took test...because I knew I ovulated & wanted to know maybe, just maybe, it worked out.

Thursday night I took one, nothing. Friday I left town for the BEST WEDDING EVER! Shannon, tell Lee I'll be blogging soon enough, I promise.

Tonight we get home & on a whim, because I bought them in bulk, I peed on of those those test.

I went about with getting dressed after my shower, Adam was in the shower. I went to look one last time & throw the test away.

...then I saw that 2nd line.

I thought to myself "I should just take another, wait until after that to tell Adam." About 5 seconds later I announced "I just took a pregnancy test." I eventually told him to turn the fucking shower off & look that that thing RIGHT THEN.

He also saw a 2nd line, which he normally isn't that great at.

So, according to the insane amount of test I've taken tonight. I'm pregnant.

And June 17th, 2010, is the due date.

My first thoughts? "Oh my god...are you serious?!" Next one was "Please, don't let this one die, too." Great, huh?

I could say about 3487473498734895 things, but I'm kinda speechless. More to come though, you should know how wordy I am.


  1. Jess, congratulations!!

  2. I am so freakin excited for you guys!

  3. Thats awesome! Praying hard for you!

  4. Awesome news!!! It's a scary ride, the baby after, but you can do it, white knuckles all the way!



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