Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dead Baby News.

As a foot in the door, I've created a blog for my network...West Virginia Pregnancy & Infant Loss Network, to be exact.

Hey, they called it that on the news, it's the official name now. No going back. Should have been shorter. Oh well, you live & you learn I suppose.

Anyway, I have created a blog site for it. I hope to start gathering info for people interested & storing it all there, including links & such. Anyway, here you go...

The West Virginia Pregnancy & Infant Loss Network.

I'm also going to start a project, because I'm crazy like that. So if you've had a pregnancy or infant loss, look for that announcement very soon. Gotta officially iron out the details so I can make sure it'll work before I decide to get anyone involved. Nothing that amazing, but just following in the footsteps of various memorials to loss children for this Christmas season.

Even though the network is labeled for West Virginia, any projects I start, including this first one, is for anyone anywhere who wants to be involved. Obviously some in like Europe can't join in on any in person activities we end up starting eventually, but hey if they really want to come on in. But this first idea I hope to do requires nothing of anyone, minus a request to have their child(ren) added.'d think I'd just tell you, but it can't be that easy. Just don't build it up that much, you'll be disappointed.

That is all.

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