Saturday, September 5, 2009

A short picture blog...a day in my life the other day.

I made burgers for dinner the other night. Remember the last time I did that?

Well, this time wasn't much better...



I scrapped them, they were fine.

Then I made this handy, dandy creation...


My son lives off the stuff. I try to buy the kind with bacon because I'm weird like that. I think it makes me feel fancy. Of course, when I dumped it in the water I did this...



Once my bacon bits dried out, they were very tasty.

Adam then made fun of me, so I made his burger for him...


What, is the lettuce not perfect?

I also went to the post office. While there I got...


My class list for grad school. Hooray!

I also got a bill...


The ultrasound place that helped, well, kill my son wants $47 for their misdiagnosis. I'll get right on that! I actually wrote a letter saying I dispute the debt based on the fact that the services they are charging for, at best, were incompetent. I'm seriously considering sending it.

Of course, you'll be glad to know...


I can save almost $7 with my 4 month old!11!!!11

Have I said *sigh* in this post yet? I promptly threw out that mail. Though I think now I should have saved them & sent them to the ultrasound place with my letter, adding "but here are some coupons if they didn't kill your baby!"

I'm really not as angry & bitter as I'm sounding in this, I promise.

And finally, here is Hammy...


That cat loves him some boxes. Isn't he sweet?

I'm now going to go make my son some Pasta Roni. Yeah, I'm a bad mom who feeds icky, processed foods. Go visit my inlaws if you want to rant & rave about how much I suck, I'm sure they'd love to have you. :b


  1. Yay for Grad School. No way on this planet I would ever go back to school. And Austin loves processed food too, and I hate to cook, so yeah, I'll join your bad mom club :) I mean Hello, we do live in EKY and WV.

  2. Hey, at least he isn't getting Mt. Dew, right?!



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