Friday, September 11, 2009

The interwebz, they make me famous.

OK, not famous really, but I found this to be something pretty, well, amazing. Obviously I post on the internet, so it's not all secret, but it wasn't like I thought anyone of importance read my ramblings.

Well, I'm not sure if it was anyone of importance, but I retract my previous statements from earlier today about not getting in contact with the lady from the hospital. I called again, on a whim, & was eventually connected to her. We spoke, talked about my letter, then she said something that made me sit down...

"I was directed to something you posted on your website..."

...what? She even mentioned Joel's picture, so I knew what she had to be talking about, the only post I mentioned the hospital in the first place.

So, shout out to Cabell Huntington Hospital whoever for checking out my blog I guess? Or shout out to whoever happened upon my posting & sent it there way I suppose?

I'll admit I was paranoid when she mentioned it. I thought she would eventually say "so since everything is worked out, would you mind removing that from your website?" to which point I would have rambled about my rights of free speech under the Constitution & yelled for Adam to retrieve his pocket copy of it (yes, he has a pocket copy of the Constitution, who would have thought you'd need that?) but she never did.

She didn't say it & this is totally a guess on my part, but I almost wonder if the reason anything after my initial response continued was because my blog post was found. Because I really thought after my talk with the patient rep & the letter, it was over. I was very surprised when my midwife called me with the news of someone else wanting to speak to me so far after this happened.

In case this makes it back to her as well, I want to point out that she was very nice when I spoke to her. And she's even going to check into something I suggested & allow me to do something with the hospital perhaps. Suppose to get back to me next week on it. So no complaints about this round of contact. Really, the only complaint I ever had was that nasty woman at the OB window, everyone else had been great.

I feel like I public figure now. It doesn't take much to make me feel like that though.

And in other news I've decided after this...I'm going to start writing a book. So many people have told me I should for some time now, in all of this I've had so many others have said I should. I always wanted to, until my dad asked me if I wanted to grow up to be John Boy from The Waltons. So yeah, I'm going to do that. I'm sure it will take a while, but I'm going to do it. What else am I going to do in my spare time? Sleep? Ha! Never.

So anyway...blogs...people read them.

Oooh, maybe I should google myself!


  1. It's about time you write a book, I've been telling you for ages I'd buy it

  2. Oh Neil, I'd send you a free copy. Signed even!

    But you could totally buy some for everyone you know to get my sales up. :b



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