Monday, September 21, 2009

I wanted to blog, but I was too lazy to upload pictures...

I have a couple other blogs in is a picture blog of a day in my life to show you all the local sites & I frequent. Yes, I went out & took my camera with me. I'm lame like that. I also want to share with you a story about last week & how a woman at Wal Mart had me detained because she was convinced I was somehow stealing 2 bags of potting soil, also have pictures of all of our planting we've been doing. That happened the same day Jules had his seizure, so we've been busy since. So while I plan on sharing that fun with you, which is obviously more fun, I wanted to go ahead & update just for the hell of it, so I've got this. Enjoy. Or don't. Doesn't really matter to me, not like I get paid if you enjoy my rambles (yet).

Since the night we confirmed that we had lost Joel, I shared my story of the total incompetence we encountered at the OB department that night at Cabell Huntington Hospital. I'm not going to ramble about it again, but I'm nice enough to remind you via-links on what's happened in this story so far.

First, I was contacted about a letter I wrote to complain about about the issue.

After that, I got word from my midwife that a director of the hospital wanted to speak to me about the issue.

I waited a few days to contact her because I got sick then it was a holiday (Labor Day), but I called & never got any response. I then mentioned in a blog over a week ago that I still hadn't received a phone call & how I was going to write her an angry letter if I needed to.

About 3 hours later, I spoke to her. I thought it was just one of those weird things, but then she told me she was "directed to my blog" post, the first one I shared. You can read about that contact at this lovely link.

She was suppose to contact me again last week to discuss something. I didn't say anything about what it was, but now I'll share. I brought up the fact that there are zero support groups anywhere in our area for parents who lose a child, in pregnancy or any other time, & I thought we needed one. She went on about how it was a great idea, told me she "wasn't sure that they had one anyway" (um, shouldn't you know those things?), & talked about how they could do this & that, talked about sending letters out to parents who've had losses, providing me with a room at the hospital along with refreshments for the meetings.

She mentioned that more people than I realize have been though something like this, including many of their staff members. That's all fine & well, but once that patient goes home to their empty crib what happens then? There aren't staff members at home, you know? I thought it would be nice to help other parents, to have a place we could all get together & be pissed off at the world once a month or so.

Well, like I said, I've never heard anything from her since. I was assured she had my correct number, even though she kept saying the other number she had for me didn't work (mind you, that phone number still worked until last week & it was the same number the original contact got ahold of me with), so it's not like there is number confusion anymore. And really, how long does it take to find out if there is a support group meeting or not? It shouldn't take over a week to ask someone. Obviously, it's not a priority. And with how my mind works, I take this personally & think that it means that I'm not a priority, that my son isn't (they sure didn't treat us like we were back on May 26th), & that other parents aren't a priority. This, of course, angers me.

If nothing was going to come of it, why on earth start contact with me again? Like I said back in July, I felt good about the contact I had with the patient representative & really felt at peace with the entire thing. But now? Ha. I still feel good about the lady I spoke to back in July, Jennifer, because I do believe she was speaking from her heart. But the rest of this? Cheapens it for the most part because it's nothing but talk. I cannot stand all talk & no action.

Silly me, thinking I could use this giant company as basically a partner for helping people. Don't get me wrong, I'm not quitting. Not at all. And if something still works out with these people, it's a bonus. However, if they want to miss the boat on this entire thing, so be it. They can just be one of the awful stories I tell on Oprah or The View one day. OK, The View is possible, but I'm not dumb enough to think I'll make it on Oprah one day. A girl can dream though, right?

If I get a phone call within the next 48 hours, I think I'll fall into the floor laughing hysterically. The power of the internet...I guess it makes me a PR nightmare. I knew this personality would come in useful one day!

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