Monday, August 24, 2009

A shameless plug.

I will now use my blog to be one of those mothers.

You know the mothers who enter their kids in things & then expect everyone they know to care enough to vote & have others vote so they can win some lame prize package that they aren't even sure what's included in it?

Well, I don't care about a prize package (which is good, because I have no idea what's in it anyway), but I do care about victory. I'm competitive like that.

We entered Jules in a contest with a local radio station, voting started today & ends this weekend. Seeing as I've never won anything before, I'd like to start him on a better path of winning things, so if you could please vote for him I'd appreciate it.

The link is...


He's about half way down the page in the center, listed as Jules C. He's the cutest kid ever, so don't worry about having any obligations to look at other pictures & try to make the right choice.

I'm ashamed of myself. Really, I am.

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