Monday, August 10, 2009

Immaturity, doing it pretty well actually.

Let me start off by saying this was awful of me. I'll fully admit it. But I did it & decided I'd just keep it to myself. Then yesterday happened & I decided there were way worse things that could be done than what I did. Plus, I realized I promised a more uplifting blog & didn't deliver on that, so here is my immaturity at it's best.

As we should all know by now, we've not been on speaking terms with my inlaws for months. Jules birthday came & in an attempt to throw my son a birthday party with gifts, I went out & bought gifts on his parents behalf & wrapped them up, running out of paper to even wrap the gift we got him. Christmas was a couple weeks after his birthday & Adam & I discussed what we should do. We decided to mail his family their Christmas gifts. My father in law then wanted my husband to meet him to pick up the gifts they claimed to have for us. But since we had a prenatal visit & other things the day he wanted to do it, he agreed to mail them.

A very large package came a couple days later. It was kinda a was a large TV box turned into a box lots of tape holding gifts. I finally managed to stab my way into said box with a knife & we decided we'd go ahead & open them since his father had told him they'd opened theirs already. Adam had a very nicely wrapped box full of goodies. A book about comics, several nice clothes they made sure to leave the price tags on, & something else I'm forgetting I believe. My son got a couple poorly wrapped gifts including a pirate play set, complete with knives & swords & a very rough looking bag of blocks that had been nommed on by what Adam guessed was a mouse. Yay, nommed blocks. Maybe he'd get rabies, too. It'd be the Christmas that just kept giving. Then there was me. I found an old & in rough shape gift bag with my name on it. Inside it held a used, again nommed on, Rachel Ray cookbook. It really couldn't have been more obvious that zero thought or effort was put into me & really not even Jules. Of course, I guess I was more annoyed knowing that my father in law had spoken to Adam about the new carpet they'd put in my sister in laws house & the new fence they'd put up for her shortly before this. And here I sit on my stairs holding a nommed on cookbook, beside me a bag of nommed on blocks, & Adam holding a shirt with a $50 price tag on it. And to think, I thought I hated Rachel Ray as much as possible BEFORE I got that in the mail. Being pregnant & hormonal, I cried because, as I've said, it was blatantly obvious that even on Christmas, while swearing that there were no hard feelings, they may as well have shaped that TV box into the shape of a big middle finger before packing it up. Of course I also wondered who had a 50 inch TV.

I had flashbacks of Christmas of my childhood, where my family would get the crappy end of the stick while others in the room got very nice gifts. So yeah, I'll admit I'm a little use to this & a bit sensitive when it comes down to it.

I throw the book on a shelf on my bread/bakers rack in the dining room & go about life. I felt bad throwing it away all this time, but I sure didn't want to look at it. Plus, when I flipped through it just about every recipe called for garlic, something I cannot eat.

Well, the day after the avalanche I was vacuuming the house, including under said bread/bakers rack. Over time, the book had fallen to the floor & it was in my way, as usual. I went to move it, looking for a place to put the damn thing so I wouldn't have to see it or deal with it, then it dawned on me...I no longer had any obligation to keep this thing. So I promptly walked over to our sliding glass doors & tossed it out then I went back to cleaning. About 20 minutes later Adam walked in, laughing, asking when I decorated the yard. He then made the comment, "I thought we could just burn it."

Like...with fire?

Have I mentioned how much I love this man?

I get a twinkle in my eye I don't think I've had in some time. I was planning on grilling salmon soon anyway, so this was perfect. I tell him I'm going to do it & I understand if he feels weird about it, he doesn't have to join in on the festivities. He tells me he's going to go find some sticks for the marshmallows.

I collect my lighter fluid, lighter, & of course the marshmallows & head outside. Oh yeah, & one final thing, my camera.

We couldn't have picked a worse day for this, as it was no less than 100 degrees & super humid. So yeah, burning stuff it's always a great idea on those days. It was so hot out, my camera lense fogged up several times, so please excuse any blurs or whatever in the first couple photos.

BTW, I asked Adam if he'd play "Blaze of Glory" for me as loud as he could, but that's where he drew the line. So see, he does have limits. But it didn't stop me from humming it to myself during this adventure. And thanks to the interwebs, feel free to enjoy said song yourself before moving on or even as you move on, thanks you yahoo!

Here we have our lovely item...


And here is an example of the nom's that were on it in several places...


Hard to get pictures of noms when the humidity is working against you.

After some discussion on the best way to do this, we decided to go ahead & put our coals in for our salmon & use our book as kinda a pre-cooking fire. We also decided that for proper burning, we'd tear the book some so it wouldn't just be a thick chunk of paper. I then put enough lighter fluid to aid my hate in fueling this fire & lit that puppy up...


While that was going we prepared our sticks for the roasting...


Of course after a few yummy treats, I threw in the cover for good measure.


Poor Rachel. But she is right about one thing...


That book sure did provide something yum-o!

Adam said these were better than my candle light marshmallows. But Jules wasn't too sure...


I continued to poke my fire as the cover slowly but surely started moving towards poor Rachel...


And eventually, even the cover turned into a mighty blaze...


And soon after, it was all over.


And it was at that moment I And it was then I realized that in fact, that was truly the best Christmas gift I'd ever received. It just took 8 months for me to be able to enjoy it. My salmon was also very tasty that night.

So yes, totally not the high road or the most mature thing in the world, I know. But hey, the high road & mature route didn't get me very far anyway. I figured it was about time I had a little enjoyment in this. And in this case, enjoyment came in a blaze of glory.

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  1. I love Jules' facial expression as he looks at that marshmallow. I also love that burning the book was Adam's idea. :)



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