Sunday, August 16, 2009

Copied from my old blog...OK...seriously...what is this?

From my old blog (1-7-09), I bring my new readers a fun blog, & my old readers a reminder of it's glory...

I wanted chinese tonight. I'm pregnant, that happens. I send Adam off to get said chinese at my favorite place. And they are now not only my favorite chinese place, but they are my offical favorite place IN THE WORLD.

Before Adam left, I requested black pepper chicken. In what I thought would be the most funny thing about our meal, Adam repeated that I wanted some "black pecker" on total accident. We laughed. We moved on with life.

One of things we enjoy is a simple chicken on a stick. Please, look at this chicken on a stick...


Please tell me you see it? You do, right? We do.

No, we didn't do anything to it. In fact, Adam brought it home just because of it's, uh, appearance. Because we're weird like that. This is what China House actually cooked & placed on the buffet.


That's just how it looked.

I mean, it's missing one, uh, thing on one side, but it really just looks the same no matter how we look at it.


Adam approves.

But I don't think he approved of this...


What?! I got bored & he talks too much anyway.

So, you see it, right?

Leave us alone. Adam teaches middle school & he's my main source of adult interaction. We can't help ourselves. And now we have no idea what to do with it. We don't want to eat it, throwing it away seems like ending the funny, but what the hell else do you do with chicken penis on a stick?

So anyway, we aren't alone in finding the humor here, right?


  1. I actually immediately thought it looked like a little baby foot with little baby toes...very different than your thought lol:)

  2. I totally saw a baby foot too! Ewwww



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