Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kitchen WIN

My house is small. Alright, it’s actually not that small. But we have too much stuff, that is the problem. So we’ve been trying to come up with better ways to utilize space in hopes of saving our sanity. We’ve added shelves & a cabinet to our living room, a office cabinet in our back room that serves as a, well, office like room. The next step is the kitchen.

I don’t have a lot of cabinets, but again, I have a lot of stuff. Some stuff is on the top of the cabinets, I can’t get some things down myself, our canned foods are in a small cabinet, & it’s just blah. Our pots & pans cabinet is the worse & for that I blame my mother in law. How? Well, let me explain.

When we moved into the house they came up the next day to “help.” My mother in law hung up a set of blinds in the kitchen with me while I was going through stuff, sorting & such. I found these little pegs & I had no idea what they were. I asked her. She looked at them & told me something along the lines of “Oh, you don’t need those, they are just extra stuff the people must have left here.”

Please note, at this time I didn’t know the woman had it in for me.

A few days later Adam asks where the pegs for the lower cabinets are because he’s going to put the shelves in.


So I have no shelves in the bottom cabinets. And his mother totally knew what they were & even Adam thinks she did it to screw with me, & in turn screw with him in hopes he’d get tired of my messy cabinets & leave me.

That’s my theory at least. And really it’s so messy I’ve thought out moving out myself, or at least never cooking again. How bad? This bad…


Now as much as I’ve loved digging through our cabinet of pots & pans while being able to scream “damn your mother!” it’s gotten kind of old at this point. So I looked for other options which lead me to my glorious dream…a hanging pan rack.

I never really considered it for a few reasons...

First, I thought it was weird because I thought everyone who had one put it over an island. But upon some research, I found that other people put it over the sink. I have a sink!

Second, I have a thing about hanging things up from the ceiling. When I was a small child, my mom thought it was a good idea to tie fishing line to all of my stuffed animals, who were my best friends, & hang them from my bedroom ceiling as a way to decorate & get things out of the way. I still remember the horrors of my childhood friends…hanging…over my bed…scary.

And finally, I’ve been trained over the years from my dad that you don’t put holes in your house. Anywhere. Ever. Growing up my parents never hung much of anything on their walls. My dad even barred me from using tape. Tape! We never decorated for holidays because my dad said Christmas lights meant you put holes in your house, which led to decreased home value. I was like 5 when he started teaching me this. Of course, my parents also taught me that if your car gets dusty it will scratch your car, so they are just weird. Anyway, I really never thought, “Hey, lets drill holes in our ceiling!” because my dad trained me better than that.

But still…I wanted one. I thought they were snazzy. So because I wanted a place to put my pots & pans while defeating both my father & his weird hole paranoia & my mother in laws evil plot to make Adam leave me over messy cabinets, I ordered one from Target. It was delivered quickly & Adam was so excited about this process!


He also looked happy to encounter one of our 2342387 cats.


Please ignore the messy kitchen. We live here, so it happens. Happens even more when I come up with "great" ideas on how to improve our house. I really need to stop that.

Anyway, then came Adam’s favorite part of doing anything with me, the whole “where do you want this thing?” question. Of coruse, I can’t just look & say here or there, I have to actually SEE it there. So first I made him hoist it over one place, while he was fussing at me because I was fussing at him because he was blocking my view so I couldn’t really see how it’d look…


I couldn't really take it in though since he was saying something about "boo hoo, this is heavy" or something along those lines. I'm not sure, I forget, but I'm sure it wasn't important.

Of course, it’s a good thing that I took a picture because I have no memory anymore so by the time he moved it to option b for hanging place, I would have forgotten what it looked like with option a.

We decided to go with option a, since option b was a dumb idea since I was also ordering a kitchen pantry thingy that is like 5 ½ feet tall, therefore it would have been in the way of the pot rack. So over the sink it was.

Have I mentioned how Adam loved doing this job?


He looks like his family on our wedding day.

Hammy wants you to know that he approves of this process as well…


Now, if you don’t know how to hang a pot rack, let me tell you now. You need to hit ceiling joist…I think that’s what they are called at least. But if you remember, my house is, well, fucked. Studs are there, there, & everywhere you don’t need them to be & of course the ceiling isn’t any different. We hit joist on 2 of them, but even though we should have hit them the other 2 times, we didn’t. Yay. So we needed to use the suggested anchors that the pot rack instructions told us to use.

Problem? They didn’t come with them. Why in the world would they not come with the pot rack?! I think it's a an evil plot againist me, but maybe I'm just paranoid. So we had to stop our 2am pot rack hanging (what, is that late?), & we were going to get the anchors the next day.

Next day we go & are looking, I remember that we need special anchors & they are called auger anchors.

Oops, I’m an idiot. Never listen to the person who can’t remember what something looked like in another place, because I messed up. We needed toggle anchors. Toggle...auger...I'm a girl, I shouldn't be expected to know these things anyway. So the next day (yes, again) I went out to Lowes to get said anchors.

It was then I discovered why the anchors weren’t included…they are impossible to find. Lowes had nothing we could even rig up to hang our pot rack, the hook provided was too big for any toggle anchors. The Lowes people said they’d never seen a toggle anchor as big as I’d need. They had some huge one that fit size wise, but the screw end of the anchor wasn’t made to fit that type of toggle anchor because they were made for bolts. I never knew bolts & screws were different, I’m an idiot I guess. So nothing would work.

On a whim I decided to check Home Depot. This time I decided to just figure it out myself, which meant I stood there & opened about 10 different packages. I finally found some special type of huge toggle anchor that required ½ hole drilled into our ceiling. But it would work, so I didn’t care. My dad would have jumped of a bridge if he knew this.

So, that night, on day 3, we start again & the process is a success. Adam gets all 4 chains hooked. Hooray! Then I told him to turn into Jeff Hardy & since we didn’t have a bunch of drugs & bad face paint, he just did this…


Then he cried because he had been up there so long he forgot how to get down…


And yes, he’s wearing the same shirt that he started this process. I can’t break him of that “I’m a college guy living on my own so I just wear the same stuff over & over again” habit. But at least I got him to stop selling plasma for beer money, so I guess I’ll pick my battles.

But anyway, it was finally there!


Then I filled it with pots, because, you know, it's a pot rack & that's what it's for.



I then spent the rest of the night just gazing at it’s glory. And taking more pictures!


I love this thing much more than I should. I suddenly wanted to go out & buy everyone a pot rack. And look at my cabinet now!


I am victorious against the evil plot of making my cabinets messy. Insert an evil, victorious laugh here, please.

This, my friends, is an epic WIN. I feel like I’m snazzy. More so than usual even. What the TV on the wall is to Adam is what this pot rack is to me. I spent a ridiculous amount of time just staring at it. Yes, still. I’m lame, but at least my kitchen isn’t.

Of course I like to believe in fate, so I think fate had me go to Home Depot that day so I could come up with our NEXT house adventure. We're going to be re-doing our upstairs bathroom floor. Lets all hope grout is less confusing than toggle anchors.

And coming soon…A special picture blog of all the hard work we did one day. When I say “we” I mean what all I did while Adam dug a hole & filled it back up. It will be amazing.


  1. That is pretty snazzy! I'm jealous, we live in apartments and can't do cool stuff like that. I want a spoon thing from Ikea where your spoons and ladles and tongs are mounted on the side of the cabinet or over my stove, but we can't here.

  2. I saw some of those at Target last night & I was tempted, but I keep them all in a doughboy cookie jar which I like alot as well.

    Yes, I'm a loser.



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