Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great, I'm one of those women.

I've always known of or heard about women who lose their wedding rings. I've always thought, "how does one lose their wedding ring?!" but today I found out.

Yay, I'm one of those women who have lost their wedding ring. And I'm totally hopeless on finding it.

Very odd really. I take my rings off in the evening because since I had Jules, my fingers swell at night. That's very odd, too, as I was able to wear them my entire pregnancy but soon after having him they swelled & it's something that now happens nightly. Like I said, odd. Anyway, I put them in a couple places depending on where I take them off, often they are in the bathroom on our vanity as I take them off before I shower at night. High enough where nothing can bother them. Never had a problem. Various times today both Adam & I went into that bathroom without a problem, but when I went into it this afternoon I noticed 2 of my rings in the sink, but my wedding band was missing.

I panic because that obviously means it's down the drain. Well, no, it can't be. The plug in our drain is very small & the rings can't fit through it to go down the drain. I actually used my other rings as an example to try to actually force it past to go down into the sink & it wouldn't even go close, seeing as my rings are all the same size my band couldn't have fit either.

Looked everywhere in the bathroom, it's not there. Looked everywhere upstairs (minus our bedroom since the door had been shut so it's impossible it's in there) & it's no where. Looked on the stairs & it's not there, nor is it in the living room area.

Of course, I'm very curious on how they even got knocked down at all. There are only two options, Jules or cats. The only way Jules could have got them is if Adam was holding him & he grabbed them, but Adam hadn't been in there since between the time I knew my rings were safe on the vanity & when I found two of them in the sink. Plus, usually Jules shows you everything he gets or finds so I'm guessing if he'd encountered it anywhere he'd ran up to us, proudly showing off his neato find. The cats being at fault is possible I guess; if they were after a fly or something they could have jumped up there, hit stuff on the vanity, & sent them flying. Of course, there are several other things in the area of my rings, light things that would have went flying very easily, & they were totally untouched. It's really almost like my rings got up & decided to try to kill themselves & took a leap off of the shelf then the band just vanished into thin air.

As I said, we've looked everywhere possible. It's no where. There is no where it could have just vanished to, no where it could have fallen into or anything.

The only place we didn't check was the toilet & I'm now paranoid I should have. Silly me, when I walked in the bathroom I saw them laying in the sink & just assumed they were all there so I used the bathroom, of course flushed, & then realized my band was missing. So now I'm wondering if maybe, just maybe somehow, it wound up in the toilet. If it did, it sure isn't there now.

I'm upset, but thankfully I'm on zoloft so it kinda makes me void of human emotion at times, so I'm not sitting here crying. I give that till tonight though.

So now I get to walk around looking engaged, so people can see me with my son & think "poor girl, her boyfriend will never marry her if he hasn't already!" or people can see me & Adam out & think he's cheating on his wife with some slut whose engaged to someone else.

I over think things, I know. If anyone has any magical, psychic powers, feel free to share. I guess I'll go look at all the places my ring isn't at until then.


  1. I bet Adam lost it and he's too scared to admit it

  2. I haven't been able to wear my rings since post pregnancy either, I find myself hiding my hands in public so people don't think I'm some single mom walking around with an older, married man, LOL!



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